Thana Dress Kids

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IDR 142.500 IDR 285.000
Color: yellow-fuchsia

Sporty dress for kids made from 100% cotton fabric with anti-bacterial formula from Silver Plus Technology that is able to protect the fabric from odors caused by bacteria; and provides a hygienic and fresh sensation to the fabric derived from silver ions which is able to kill bacteria that cause odor permanently on the fabric.

- Fabric is sligthly stretch, smooth hand feel, absorb sweat and not transparent
- Buttons on chest
- Wudlu friendly with ribs on hand
- Pockets on left and right sides
- Ergonomic handgloves
- String ribbon on hand and dress
Product Care
- Do not bleach.
- Wash with normal temperature. Hot water may make clothes color fade.
- Dried at normal temperature.
- Avoid drying in direct sunlight.
- Iron over medium heat

The color may differ between the original product and the product image. It depends on your device.

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